Navigating the 3G Shutdown: What It Means for Your Business

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The End of an Era: 3G Network Shutdown

In August 2024, the Telstra 3G network will be shut down, marking the end of an era for businesses relying on 3G telematics devices for their fleet management. This significant transition presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses to upgrade and future-proof their operations.

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Impact of the 3G Shutdown

Loss of Connection

Devices will no longer be able to communicate, leading to a loss of connection to crucial driving data.

Tracking and Monitoring Disruptions

Ability to track vehicle location and monitor speeding will be severely impacted.

Compromised Safety and Efficiency

Visibility of driver behavior metrics will be lost, potentially compromising fleet safety and operational efficiency.

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Why Act Now?

  • Minimise Business Disruption: Planning ahead can significantly reduce the impact on your business operations.
  • Avoid Installation Delays: Acting now can help you avoid last-minute rushes and installer capacity limitations.
  • Exclusive Migration Offer: Take advantage of limited-time offers to support your business through this transition smoothly.

Ensure your fleet is ready for the future by taking advantage of our migration offers.

Why Fleet Complete?

Backed by extensive industry experience and an exclusive partnership with Geotab, Fleet Complete is the leading provider of GPS fleet management technology solutions in Australia. We have the expert knowledge and experience to keep your business leading the pack with management solutions tailored to fleets of any size and full access to our locally-based support team.

Going the extra mile so your fleet can too

We get that great support goes a long way, and that’s why we equip our team with the latest tools and in-depth training to help you get the most out of your products for the entirety of your contract. We also like to keep it local, with our help desk and customer success team based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Make the switch to electric with data driven recommendations

Considering electric vehicles for your fleet but don’t know where to start? We offer a suitability assessment to help you take the next steps. By tapping into the worlds largest EV dataset plus your own unique fleet data we can provide a recommendation to help transition your fleet and drive your business sustainability strategy.

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Optimise your fleet through data-driven decisions

Take the guess work out of improving your fleet’s performance with the rich data capabilities of the Geotab telematics device. Watch real vehicle data become actionable insights to help you make decisions around driver behaviour, vehicle maintenance and more to boost your business.

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Leading fleet management software that grows with your business

MyGetoab’s open platform allows you to expand your fleet telematics capabilities by giving you access to over 200 app integrations ranging from dash cams to fuel management. Each app has been quality tested for functionality and compatibility to provide a customised solution for even the most intricate fleet structures.

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