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We know business owners like you are going through a difficult time. Do you have the tools to adapt & succeed in this new normal? We’re here to help! With best in class GPS fleet, asset and mobile-workforce management solutions, Fleet Complete help businesses around the world lower operating costs, improve productivity, generate a safer environment for your drivers and assets and much more.

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Data to Future Proof Your Business

Why is it important to future-proof? How can data help with this? Want to see examples of how other business have succeeded? Telematics can be daunting, but don’t let the subject matter turn you away. It’s basic data that can be used to make your business better, stronger, and future-proof.

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Blog: The True ROI of Telematics

Telematics is no longer just GPS tracking and vehicle routing. With an increasing number of tools available to fleet managers, how do they choose the best-fitting program and provider, and ensure their company achieves a return on investment (ROI)?

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Blog: What’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

Every business has its ups and downs, whether that’s due to shifting demand or a one-off crisis. You can’t predict the future, but you can plan ahead: if things take a turn for the worse, smart planning can limit damage and help you keep your business going. Learn how a business continuity plan can future proof your business.

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Blog: 7 Ways Telematics Can Help Keep Fleets Moving Through COVID-19

Fleet managers need to ensure continuous service under demanding circumstances while keeping costs down when budgets are already extra-lean—all while adhering to social distancing rules and restrictions. It’s not an easy job, which is why many are turning to telematics to help them operate profitably and efficiently.



Inskip Dust and Fume is an Adelaide based company providing companies with dust control and fume extraction equipment, air pollution control, and air filtration systems and services. With Fleet Complete they are able to send the closest person to the job, have seen a decrease in vehicle wear and tear and improved driver behaviour.


Premier Truck Rental (PTR) services critical industries nationwide like construction, pipeline, power transmission, renewables, as well as general customers that need a rental truck. They use Fleet Complete for better tracking and for more accurate information to help customers.


We visited our customer J.R. Company GmbH in Kalsdorf. This transport company operates in the parcel delivery business and is a contractual partner of UPS. The fleet operates with 120 vehicles and is managed with Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete. As a result, the routes are optimised, the efficiency of the fleet has been increased, and they save huge costs.


Who is Fleet Complete?

We are on a mission to bring transformative solutions to any fleet-owning business – big or small.

We focus on challenges our customers face every day to give them access to a connected mobility platform that suits their needs best. Whether it’s vehicles, mobile workers, cargo, stationary assets, or all of the above, we help you connect to it all.

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Purchasing or learning about a fleet management solution for your business does not have to be a tedious effort. Our sales representatives work with you to identify solutions to best meet your needs. From there, our training and on-boarding teams ensure that you are set up for success. When you partner with Fleet Complete, our support team works 24/7 so you are never left stranded.

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