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Founded in 1998, Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd has since become one of Australia’s top manufacturers of reinforcing steel and mesh products. With offices in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the team at Mesh & Bar are devoted to providing the highest quality services and materials. This includes the safe, convenient, and reliable delivery of products to customers. After struggling with incompetencies of other tracking systems, Mesh & Bar decided to try Fleet Complete’s Asset Tracker.


Delivery is one of Mesh & Bar’s five key service offerings, with several options available to their customers. Over the course of 2017, after a few incidents, the company saw greater need to mitigate the potential loss or misplacement of steel fitment bins, along with the materials they were transporting.

“Potentially losing a fleet of bins is a considerable cost to the company,” said Damien Rickards, QLD Operations Manager for Mesh & Bar.

Not including the regular inspections that are already invested in the bins, the overall cost can amount to approximately $180,000 per 70 units.

mesh & bar waste bin

Having exact locations of numerous bins was key for Mesh & Bar


Fleet Complete’s Asset Tracker offered Damien exactly what Mesh & Bar was looking for – a way to effectively and reliably track the location of their bins.

“GPS seemed the most logical choice. No other solutions were floated.”

In addition to GPS location tracking, the Asset Tracker provides unauthorised movement notifications, ensuring the safety of both the vehicles and the goods being transported.

The Rollout

Stressing that there were no issues implementing the solution, Damien found the system and the training process easy throughout onboarding.

“The customisable functionality within the software is excellent,” he says.

He was happy with Fleet Complete’s prompt response time and very pleased with the customer support, finding the team approachable and informative.

“The rollout process has been relatively simple. The software is intuitive and easy to navigate – it provides much more than initially anticipated, so we have decided to rollout to our fleet of trucks and other transport equipment”


With the system exceeding the team’s expectations, Damien says, “I can already see that this is going to be the long-term sustainable solution.”

In fact, the Asset Tracker has provided Damien not only with the tracking system Mesh & Bar was originally looking for, but also the added benefit of measurable data on delivery times. Being able to provide customers with this information increases Mesh & Bar’s credibility and builds trust.

“Total flexibility of tracking. A cost-effective solution to our asset-tracking needs.”

“The geofence was a surprise feature – which I did not initially know about – that now allows us to run reports of exactly when we delivered to a site, how long and where we were held up for, and when we left, which has been of great benefit to our customers when it is time for them to assess their contractors.””

–  Damien Rickards

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Before fabricating any other new bins, we needed a way to protect our investments. Previous paper-based tracking and logging of these bins was not robust or sustainable.

Damien Rickards

QLD Operations Manager
  • Mesh & Bar manufacturer reinforced steel and mesh products.
  • Deliver steel fitment bins around the country
  • 120x AT1 Asset Trackers
  • Fleet Complete software provides unathorised movement notifications
  • Complete visibility of assets
  • Improved reporting for asset utilisation
  • Theft protection and prevention of assets thanks to Geofence virtual boundaries

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