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Get your manufactured goods shipped and delivered on time. Keep track of your vehicles location and expected arrival time. Get documentation for the entire transport process incl. driving / rest time, Track you fuel consumption and receiving direct message from the system when something unintentionally occurs.

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Available in our Fleet Management Solution

Follow Your Fleet

See your all of your vehicles on a web-map and know what is happening in the field. Unnecessary overtime, inefficient performance or second-shift work can impact your projects.

Monitor Activity

Oversee the status and performance of equipment, tools and vehicles in the field with our asset tracking devices. Avoid breakage, misplacement and prolonged downtime to meet key deadlines.

Areas of Interest

Define specific "areas" on the web-map and keep track of how often vehicles drive to and from a particular site. This helps track onsite productivity and monitor stationary equipment leaving the area.

Mixing Equipment Sensors

Our ready-mix sensors will protect the optimal state of your liquid cement and mixing equipment by continuously transmitting drum rotation and its operational status.

Fuel Level Sensors

These sensors will eliminate in-person fuel level inspections, allowing you to see fuel readings from your smartphone and make refueling an easy task.

Power Take-Off Sensors

Designed for on and off, open and close, or up and down value data. Monitor trailer doors, crane arm movement and bulldozer power take-off readings to have a complete operative status control.

Asset Safety

Our asset tracking devices and smart locks are outfitted with GPS and tamper-proof sensors to protect your assets while onsite, in transit, or in chain of custody.

Driver ID

When your drivers share company vehicles, Driver ID will help simplify the logistics and add an extra layer of security. Assign key fobs or RFID cards to your operators to know who is using the vehicles and when.

Timely Maintenance

Avoid critical breakage, heavy repair costs and downtime by improving your maintenance program. Our Maintenance Module will help with service reminders and view of your mileage and engine hours thresholds.

We have a solution for you!

We care about your fleet - let us help you make it thrive.

Available in our Task Management solution

Improve Tasks Distribution

Easily assign and monitor tasks to completion with your mobile device. Know everyone's availability and workload with a simple tap on the screen.

Time Card Report

Your crew has the ability to clock in, indicate break time, and clock out within the mobile application. Have accurate records for payroll and billing to stay within the original quote estimate.

Schedule and plan tasks

Plan and assign tasks for your in-field staff in advance. This will help you to manage workload more effectively,  have better cost control and project planning.

Activity Time Tracking

This feature will enable your crew to track the time it takes to complete a certain assignment, so that you can better manage client expectations and plan projects more accurately.

Task Notifications

Tools like Activity Notifications help your mobile crew stay organized throughout the day, better manage their workload, and keep you informed on their location and availability.


Historic summary of fleet performance, staff activity, assignment time frames, total distance travelled will provide you with empirical overview for better quote estimates and project planning.

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We have a solution for you!

We care about your fleet - let us help you make it thrive.