Asset Tracker

Would you like to have visibility over your high-value asset inventory without having to physically be onsite? Be informed of events that may compromise your assets and incur high replacement costs? With Asset Tracker you get optimal insight into all critical information where ever you are.

Key Features

  • Live Status

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Adjustable Transmission

  • Motion Tracking

  • Geofencing

  • Alerts

  • Reports

Gain total control of your assets

Knowing the exact location of each of your assets at all times has never been easier with Fleet Complete’s cost-effective Asset Tracker solution. With a suite of asset tracking devices to choose from, you can now gain greater control over your entire fleet of vehicles, plant equipment, assets and personnel without having to check in person.

Mobile device showing the location of an asset on a map.
  • Motion-activated alerts

    • Receive notification that your equipment or container has moved outside of a designated area.
  • Customised to your needs

    • Change the frequency of your polling based on your requirements – hourly or daily.
Unauthorized movement alert example of asset #24.
Asset reporting its location and status on a tablet.

Safeguard your assets against theft

In-field mobile assets are often vulnerable to theft or misuse, especially when located at remote sites. Knowing the real-time location of your assets enables you to react quickly to any unauthorised activity and to recover stolen assets fast, avoiding expensive replacement costs.

Ensure your cargo is kept in optimal condition

Monitor your stored or moved contents with specific sensor-activated alerts that notify of events that may compromise their condition, such as temperature spikes, or door being opened or closed.

Email alerts about asset location and movement.
  • Point of Interest

    • Define one or multiple areas for your assets to remain in at all times and get notified if assets have been moved from the predetermined zone.
  • After-hours use

    Receive notifications when assets are moving outside business hours.

  • Battery life

    • Get alerts when your device’s battery is low.
Define one or multiple areas to be alerted about asset movement.
Receive after-hours use notifications of assets.
Receive battery low alert notifications.

Rules and specifications

This sophisticated solution enables you to create customised rules based on events that are critical to  the smooth-running of your business operations. It is flexible enough to meet your unique business needs, ensuring you have all the necessary information required.

A solution that can weather anything

All of Fleet Complete’s Asset Trackers are water and dust proof with robust IP68 rating and have a range of battery life suited to your needs. Regardless of whether you need tracking in remote locations or inside the Next G Network coverage, there is a solution for every asset type and requirement.

Asset Tracker AT5 device.
  • Position

    Get snapshot data on asset activity within a specified time frame.

  • Alerts

    Define critical events for which you would like to receive notifications.

  • Input

    Get detailed reports on all sensor readings.

Laptop showing asset position report.
Laptop showing asset alert report.
Laptop showing asset input report screen.


The Fleet Complete platform offers a large variety of reports that you can customise to your specific management needs and receive them with frequency that suits you. You can even automate an e-mail distribution list for reoccurring reports and make them as detailed or top-level as you like.