FBT Electronic Logbook

The Electronic Logbook solution provides a simple and convenient way to automate time-consuming Business vs Private vehicle logbooks and calculate your maximum Fringe Benefits Tax return.

Key Features

  • Audit Reports

  • Electronic Record Keeping

  • Paperless And Error free Operations

FBT App home screen business v private screen and trip screen

FBT Reporting with maximum returns

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, the chances are you need to file your annual Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT). In order to avoid the standard statutory fraction method that, on average, will cost your business more, Fleet Complete’s Electronic Logbook will automate and keep track of all your operating costs and meet the necessary Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements.

Reduce costs and complexity with E-logbooks

Make accurate FBT claims to reduce liability and eliminate the laborious upkeep of paper logbooks. Our Electronic Logbook solution provides a simple and convenient way to automate your vehicle operating cost tracking and minimise your fringe benefits expense. Make paper logs a thing of the past!

FBT app purpose management select screen

Guaranteed to meet ATO requirements

Fleet Complete’s Electronic Logbook is fully compliant with all ATO reporting requirements to enable your maximum FBT return. Our ATO-approved solution records the date, vehicle’s odometer readings, kilometres travelled and purpose of the journey (business v. personal) for your accurate recordkeeping. Now you can significantly reduce your administration costs and minimise FBT liability if maximum business use over a three-month period is clearly established.

FBT computer screen online portal
  • Fleet Tracker

    Logs trip start/end odometer readings as well as location/kms.

  • Electronic Logbook App

    Records trip purpose and differentiates between business and personal use.

  • Software Reports

    Ensures ATO requirements are met for accurate FBT reporting.

How Electronic Log Book Works
How Electronic Log Book Works
How Electronic Log Book Works

How it Works

Our Electronic Logbook solution includes a vehicle-tracking device that will automatically record odometer data and a mobile application, where your driver can review each trip and assign the correct information in a few easy steps. Once completed, all trip logs are stored away and ready for ATO reporting, generated in our Software Reports.

Ease of Use for Driver

Your drivers will enjoy the intuitive logic and simplicity of our mobile application. All trip details are automatically recorded and provided for their review and edits via the map function. Now they can fully focus on driving your business forward

Phone in Car

Available on Google Play and Apple Store

The FBT Electronic Logbook is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.