Inspect by Fleet Complete is a mobile application that allows drivers to complete their Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) to stay compliant with the government regulation.

Key Features

  • Automated DVIR Reporting

  • Electronic Record Keeping

  • Digital Signatures and File Sharing

  • Regulatory Compliance

Quick and easy DVIR inspection

Inspect by Fleet Complete is designed to simplify vehicle inspection reporting and assist a driver with road safety compliance. The driver follows an easy-to-use checklist, makes remarks of any known defects, and provides a signature right in the app. Reports completed by previous drivers for the same vehicle can also be accessed. All reports can be viewed immediately after their submission by supervising managers through the DVIR Web Portal for audit purposes.

Vehicle inspection report laptop screen
iphone signature sign off in app

Painless roadside inspection

Logged reports are accessible for 48 hours after the submission for roadside inspection. Drivers are able to use a simple lock and unlock function on the Inspect application for the inspector’s review. It will only display required information, keeping their private data secure.

Avoid hefty fines

By equipping your drivers with the Inspect by Fleet Complete
solution today, you are taking advantage of safety, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits that come with the solution. By keeping your vehicles’ health in check, you not only avoid heavy government fines, but also keeping maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.

iphone in-trip inspection
  • Reports

    One can review up to 7 days’ worth of reports at a time.

  • Direct sign-off

    Drivers are able to sign off on the report straight in the app.

  • Repairs made

    Review the repairs made by a mechanic and keep or reject them.

  • Inspection reports

    View the repairs on the vehicle inspection report.

mechanic portal laptop screen
mechanic portal laptop screen
mechanic portal laptop screen
mechanic portal laptop screen

Manage your entire fleet from the web mechanic portal

After the routine vehicle inspection is completed, defect logs are accessible on the Mechanic Portal. From there, a mechanic can select any vehicle from the list and view all the repairs needed and sign off straight in the portal when they are done. This will prompt a notification on the Inspect app, allowing the driver to keep or reject repairments.


Supported devices

Inspect by Fleet Complete can be easily downloaded from the
Apple or GooglePlay stores. It runs on both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.