Intact Insurance

Fleet Complete and its main Canadian carrier, TELUS, partnered with Intact Insurance to offer clients significant savings and contribute to stable insurance costs.

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my Fleet Solution

Together with TELUS Fleet Tracker, my Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance helps you drive efficiencies for your fleet operations and realize valuable cost savings.
TELUS Fleet Tracker is an easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solution that provides your business with the ability to view real-time location of your vehicles, assess your fleet’s performance, and identify opportunities to improve your fleet efficiency.

TELUS Fleet Tracker pairs with my Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance, providing access to important metrics available on an online insurance dashboard, giving you insight on your fleet’s driving conduct. Factors such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and excessive speeding may negatively impact your fleet safety and lead to avoidable accidents. With my Fleet Solution, you are able to manage commercial vehicles more efficiently, improve safety and benefit from potential insurance savings.

Insurance Savings

When you enroll my Fleet Solution, you will receive a welcome discount on your fleet insurance rates.
Certain terms and conditions apply. Please visit to see the full terms of use of my Fleet Solution from Intact Insurance.