Numa Technologies Corporations is an IT Management firm in Western Canada with a strong focus on Custom Software, Integrated Management Systems, Web Development, Data Management and IT Security. Its industry experience spans across construction, trades, professional services, retail, wholesale and non profit organizations.

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By using Fleet Complete’s capability to aggregate and present data, NumaCorp’s software (applications like Mobile Timecard and Asset/Equipment Management) is able to electronically receive information on employee work schedule, asset location, vehicle odometer readings, hours of operation, and distance travelled in specific jurisdictions (for IFTA reporting). This offers customers an integrated report bank that eliminates labour-intensive manual processes of collecting and retrieving important in-field data.


  • Process optimization for data harvesting and reporting
  • Granular visibility into asset operation readings
  • Continuous flow and storage of by-minute asset data
  • Fuel mileage reports for IFTA