Zone Technologies have developed various innovative products that enhance equipment performance and enable their clients to save thousands of dollars, particularly for emergency response and service vehicles.

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Through an integrated online platform, Fleet Complete enables to configure settings for idling, temperature levels, RPM, and battery voltage on the OzoneTech device. OzoneTech will then monitor (start or stop) the vehicle’s engine based on these pre-set metrics. This platform allows you to view all of your fleet’s vehicle activity online from one interface and adjust or pull real-time data quickly and easily from any number of vehicles in the field.

Integration between Fleet Complete and OzoneTech provides the optimal monitoring system for your fleet’s activity.  Configuration of all your OzoneTech devices can easily be done at your desk without the need to attend to each of the installed devices in person. This also eliminates the need to manually collect data from each vehicle thereby saving a significant amount of time and resources.


  • Simple and quick configuration with the OzoneTech solution
  • One interface for all vehicle activity and real-time data
  • No need to manually attend to every installed device
  • Adjust all of your configurations remotely
  • Retrieve all in-field data online