The 3G Shutdown is on the way

Now is the time to future-proof your business, act today to minimise business disruptions.

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What is the 3G Shutdown?

The Telstra 3G network is shutting down in June 2024. As a result of Telstra’s continued enhancement of it’s overall network capability and increased customer requirements, the current 3G spectrum will be repurposed to support more 4G & 5G services. Now is the time to future-proof your business.

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What does the 3G Shutdown mean for my business?

Post the 3G network closure, any 3G devices will cease to communicate with the network and will no longer be operable. What does this mean for fleets with 3G telematic devices?

  • Lose connection to driving data
  • Unable to track vehicle location or monitor speeding
  • Risk of losing key safety notifications and visibility of driver behaviour metrics

Upgrade to the latest industry leading technology

Any business that relies on 3G technology will need to migrate – to our latest 4G LTE compatible GO9 device. Geotab has developed a device that is designed to keep your business on the cutting edge of fleet tracking technology. This innovative GO9 devices features a faster processor, increased memory and a gyroscope. With these expanded capabilities, your business can support more vehicles of all types – including electric vehicles – for enhanced efficiency and improved driver performance.

GO9 Hardware

Why act now?

Reduce the impact to your business operations

In order to minimise the impact to your business operations, planning ahead of time is key. By working with the Fleet Complete team, we can help you to deliver the most efficient migration plan, minimising downtime for your drivers and vehicles.


Avoid installer capacity limitations

By avoiding the last-minute rush, your business won’t be affected by installer availability, and you won’t be caught out with devices that can’t be installed before the shutdown date.


Limited time migration offer available

The team at Fleet Complete understands the financial impact this will have on your business, and we want to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible for your business.


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Evolve your Journey

With the world’s No. 1 ranked telematics platform

Have you considered starting your Electric Vehicle journey?

Understand the benefits of fleet electrification, how to start adding EVs to your fleet and learn more about how to effectively manage their operation while driving your sustainability strategy.

  • Take the guesswork out of EV fleet adoption: Conduct an EV Suitability Assessment to identify which vehicles in your fleet are best suited for an EV transition. Utilising historical telematics data to received market specific EV model recommendations.
  • Stay on top of charging at a glance: Track vehicle location, state-of-charge and charging status in real time.
  • Know your EV charging costs: Calculate charging costs across the fleet or by vehicle, location or driver and compare it against your fuel costs.
  • Environmental impact: A fleet sustainability strategy will help you minimise your carbon footprint, improve fuel economy, and extend the life of your vehicles and equipment.

Are you looking to expand your telematic capabilities?

We recognise one solution does not fit all so get the most out of your telematics platform with hundreds of solutions and integration options available by the Geotab Marketplace.

  • Fleet Complete can help you access over 200+ Marketplace solutions: Marketplace includes everything from dash cams and asset tracking, to maintenance and fuel management – all integrated with Geotab’s open telematics platform.
  • Seamless integration into your MyGeotab platform: Marketplace partners must meet Geotab’s quality standards and have undergone thorough vetting to help ensure a positive experience for users.
  • Create a customised solution: Marketplace offers fleets endless possibilities to customise your exact business needs all in one platform.

Are you getting the most out of your solution?

At Fleet Complete we understand that customers telematics journey are never the same and that’s why our solutions are customised to suit your requirements.

  • Local Support: Our Customer Success team based in Adelaide, will not only assist with your initial onboarding and training but support you through the life of your contract.
  • Wealth of Knowledge: Our software experts are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are getting the most out of their products and solutions.
  • Technical Support: Our highly skilled Help Desk offers local based technical support, using the latest service desk technologies and are ready to assist you should an issue arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 3G network be shutdown?

The 3G network will be shutdown in June 2024.

Will 3G devices work on the 4G network?

3G devices will not work on 4G and will need to be upgraded to 4G compatible devices.

Do we also need to upgrade our telematics platform?

No, the 4G devices are ready to be used on the MyGeotab platform with your current fleet.

Why do we need to act on this now?

As more and more businesses begin their migration, the demand for installers will grow and create delayed installer availability.

What do I need to do to get started?

We will be in contact with you to get you started or alternatively, you can contact us today if you are ready to being your migration.

How can you tell if you’re going to need to upgrade?

We will notify you if you are one of our customers affected by the shutdown. You can also check your devices to see which model of telematics device you have, these are the affected device models: Geotab GO4, GO6, GO7, AT6 3G.

How can I find out more?

Contact us today on the above links or call 1300 653 395 to find out how we can assist you in your migration.

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