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Data to Help you Future-Proof Your Business

Although our circumstances may vary, we can use the technology and the mobile tools available to us to automate and optimise key business processes and thus work more efficiently, cut costs, and
continue to ensure the safety of our personnel. The only way to make significant improvements in your business is to start measuring. IoT (Internet of Things) is fundamental to this process. IoT-enabled devices, such as telematics units, can collect the data you need for analysis.

Make Your Construction Trade More Profitable

Traditional construction trades are highly affected by economic uncertainties. Cost-effective solutions (like GPS tracking) will ensure companies remain competitive by paving the way to operate more profitably and even do more business with the same amount of resources.

Asset Tracking for Your Business eBook

You rely on essential vehicles, equipment and tools for your business to operate day to day—but are they adequately protected? While asset tracking and management offers distinct benefits for businesses of all sizes and spanning a range of industries, no two businesses’ needs are identical. That’s why you’ll need to focus on exactly how asset tracking can work for your individual needs.

The 3 Key Pillars to Successful Fleet Management

At Fleet Complete we turn to technology to help identify and quantify fleet-wide saving opportunities and then implement proper driver management initiatives to achieve them. We have focused our efforts on 3 key areas of Fleet Management that place company’s at the most financial risk but also have the most opportunity for improvement.

Top 10 Reasons to Get GPS Tracking

You may have an idea why your business needs GPS tracking, but did you know there are multiple reasons to implement a GPS tracking solution?
From safety and vehicle maintenance, to reduced operating costs, read the top 10 reason to get GPS tracking.

Narrowing the Field: Choosing the Right GPS Provider

With a market flooded with fleet, asset and mobile workforce tracking providers, how do you know who is the right fit for your business?
Evaluate all your options, and establish what is important to the smooth running of your business.
Find out how to choose the right GPS Fleet Management Provider.

Gaining Acceptance From Staff

When implementing GPS vehicle tracking, gaining acceptance from staff is a critical component to the success of your solution.
It is not uncommon to have staff become defensive about being ‘spied’ on, or uncomfortable at the thought of being watched. This is why it is important to reiterate the benefits of GPS tracking and focus on the safety and productivity elements that the solution brings.