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Fleet Complete makes fleet and asset management easy – by providing you with the right information at anytime, anywhere. 

Fleet  and Asset Tracking Software

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Why Choose Fleet Complete’s GPS Fleet Tracking Software Solutions?

We help clients improve safety & reduce operating costs.

+ years

17+ years

Operating in Australia since 2003

+ Subscribers

600,000+ Subscribers

Worldwide use Fleet Complete

Telstra Gold


20+ years

Operating in Australia since 2003

600,000+ Subscribers

Worldwibe use Fleet Complete

Telstra Gold Partner

Fleet Management Software Features

Monitor and optimise your fleet performance.

A software solution to help you manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field, giving you time to focus on managing your business and customers.

GPS-locate vehicles instantly

Eliminate fuel waste

Get vital metrics & reports

Manage fleet maintenance

Access from anywhere

Personal v. Business use

GPS Asset Tracking Solutions

Track and locate your equipment at any time, in any environment.

Our wide range of Asset Trackers help you monitor and protect your assets from theft, as well as ensure they are used appropriately and optimally. 

AT1 Asset Tracker

One of the smallest and most cost-effective equipment trackers on the market, the AT1 asset tracker will give you great value for money. It is suited for any industry and is versatile in use with humidity, temperature and light sensors.

AT6 Asset Tracker

The AT6 is a rugged GPS device that provides real-time status and movement updates. With the accelerometer and GPS data, you can make well-informed decisions on how often your asset moves, how frequent the signal updates should be, or whether to scale down on the frequency in order to preserve battery life if stationary.

AT5 Asset Tracker

When you operate in remote areas, this asset tracker will continue to operate on the satellite network, when the Telstra network coverage is unavailable. The AT5 offers reliable position reporting and an integrated GPS – all housed within a rugged enclosure, small enough to fit in your hand.

Trusted by 40,000+ businesses globally

Task Management Solution

Organise and allocate jobs, with ease.

Our light-duty mobile app is a simple yet effective tool to better manage your administrative projects. Ideal for those who want to go paperless, have an easy time-tracking tool, and minimise the call-ins.

Time management

Self-assign tasks

Activity tracking

Available on
Android and iOS


Remote Management Solution

Keeping your staff and assets safe in areas with no coverage.

Australian fleets that operate in remote locations, with little or no mobile coverage, require technology that supports the National and State-based Harmonisation laws and the enclosed safety standards for their on-duty staff. Our remote solution has you covered, no matter the location! 

Ensure staff safety

Meet worksite WHS requirements

Protect drivers outside of their vehicles

Eliminate relying on mobile or satellite phone calls

Emergency response


Fleet Complete caters to a wide range of industries, business sizes and requirements. Work out which plan is suitable for you!

You Didn’t Hear It From Us

See our customers’ experience

O'Brien Worker showing a customer the car screen

Partnering with Fleet Complete has been a great decision on our part. It’s cost effective, has helped us be more efficient (on many levels), improved driver behaviour and it has ‘saved the day’ more than once!

Marcus Liew – Carpass
Managing Director

O'Brien Worker showing a customer the car screen

I couldn’t imagine how we would complete our day to day operations without them—the system truly underpins us running a successful business, and looking out for the people at the heart of it.

Craig Kortum – O’Brien Autoglass
Procurement and Property Manager

O'Brien Worker showing a customer the car screen

I thought I had hard wear-and-tear on the vehicles, like brakes etc being worn, people being a bit rough of the vehicles, where you can track that with Fleet Complete. Now we don’t have any issues at all, what so ever.

Simon Inskip – Inskip Dust and Fume

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