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GPS solution for monitoring and optimising your fleet performance. Smarter fleet at your fingertips.

Our connected platform gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows.

Manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field.

Track and allocate your asset any where at any time.

Ensure your onsite heavy-duty equipment is well monitored and is always where it needs to be. Our robust asset tracking solution provides real-time status and movement updates and helps protect the integrity of your stored contents.

Organise your field staff and allocate jobs with ease.

Skip the phone calls and get on our task tracking app! Allocate jobs straight from your mobile device and see progress to completion within the app. Know staff availability and location to dispatch the right job to the right person within seconds.

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A solution that operates outside network coverage to ensure the utmost safety for staff, vehicles and assets. 

This is the most comprehensive solution for coverage, safety and performance in today’s market, ensuring your fleet and your field workers are always on the radar.

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