Oracle is a global provider of enterprise cloud computing and powers day-to-day operations of many large organizations. Integrating with Fleet Complete provides mutual clients with a synchronized platform for various data, contracts, invoicing and payroll.

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Integration between Fleet Complete and Oracle provides mutual clients with the ability to keep their POIs, Assets, Tasks and GPS location data synchronized between the two systems. Utilizing web APIs, data is being exchanged in real-time and becomes instantly available across the entire organization.

The seamless integration also enables Oracle to receive information on invoices, generated in Fleet Complete, as well as work hours reported by mobile workers for payroll purposes. Customers can now manage their service locations in one platform, automate service contract increases, generate invoices, and process payroll for their employees.


  • Synchronized platform for data, service contracts, invoicing and payroll
  • Real-time data exchange for most up-to-date information
  • Work time reporting for employees