Rose Rocket Transportation Management Software

Rose Rocket is a cloud-based Transportation Management Software for trucking companies of all sizes. 

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Rose Rocket key features include Customer portal, map-based planning, robust rating engine, profitability reporting, partner carrier or driver dispatch and management.

With Rose Rocket you can:

  • Reduce data entry costs and improve customer service.
    Rose Rocket TMS has an industry leading online customer service portal that is designed to increase operational efficiency and sales. Deployed in several big-box retailers, this portal is guaranteed to help you service customers of any company size.
  • Easily manage multi-movement and multi-carrier orders.
    Rose Rocket TMS uses innovative leg-based dispatch system, which was specifically designed with LTL and distribution in mind. It allows your team to easily handle freight consolidation, and even complex multi-movement or multi-carrier orders.
  • Receive profitability reports delivered to your inbox daily.
    Rose Rocket’s leg-based dispatch lets you easily calculate profit and loss on any order, route, or customer, even on complex LTL shipments. Now you don’t have to wait for weeks or months before you know if you are making money.
  • Get paid faster.
    The system keeps your drivers digitally connected to your back office. Now they can automatically send invoices upon delivery, update order status, log problems, and add accessorial charges – all while on the road.
  • Work efficiently with less guesswork.
    Rose Rocket makes it easy for team members to create orders, collaborate, find information and create actionable tasks.