A complete range of future-proof fleet and asset tracking solutions are now available on 4G network through Telstra for any type of business and with any level of requirements, from cost-conscientious to complex and data-driven.


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(Sept 10, 2020 – Adelaide, Australia) – Fleet Complete is introducing a comprehensive suite of long-term evolution (LTE) fleet and asset tracking solutions in Australia, available on Telstra’s 4G LTE network for optimal connectivity on one platform.

Suited for any industry, these GPS-based solutions are most effectively used within courier and delivery services, construction and trades, warehousing and logistics, as well as agriculture and pharmaceuticals. They provide simple tracking capabilities to ensure safety and protection, as well as complex analytics and business insights into daily activities and operations, depending on current needs.

With a full range of 4G asset and fleet tracking solutions, Fleet Complete is among the first in Australia to provide a suite of telematics devices that offer 10x faster transmission than their 3G counterparts and allow tracking your vehicles, high-value equipment, and remote workers on the same screen in one system.

Asset trackers can be outfitted on powered and non-powered equipment, such as trailers, generators, compressors and bins, together with larger assets – boats, caravans and shipping containers. Customers are able to collectively monitor and manage all company assets on a dedicated Fleet Complete platform, together with their company vehicles and mobile personnel on the same interface with the addition of the 4G fleet trackers.

The 4G fleet and asset-tracking devices included in the range are*:

  • AT1 4G Light Asset Tracker with location tracking and sensor reporting for monitoring ambient temperature, light, barometric pressure and humidity;
  • AT6 4G Heavy Asset Tracker with accelerometer and long battery life for low-cost, feature-rich tracking;
  • AT5 Satellite Asset Tracker with satellite features for areas outside Telstra network coverage.
  • MGS800 and GO9 Fleet Trackers capture vehicle data including location, driver performance, and vehicle health, giving managers the insight and the tools they need to improve fleet operations.

“This really brings everything together for a business,” said Michael Seychell, National Sales Director for Fleet Complete Australia. “Depending on your business requirements, you now have a variety of tracking options to ensure your assets are accounted for and where they need to be. You have full visibility over your resources on one screen, and you can combine it with fleet tracking on the same platform, without switching systems.”

He continues, “Our partnership with Telstra provides clients with a reliable 4G LTE network for these devices to have optimal signal coverage nationwide. Ultimately, it will help our Australian customers protect what is critical to their business, avoid costs due to lost or misplaced equipment, and save valuable time.”

For more information on Fleet Complete suite of solutions, please visit www.fleetcomplete.com.au

* Available at Telstra’s designated Technology Business Centres (TBTC).

Media Contact
Michael Seychell
National Sales Director for Fleet Complete Australia

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