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Founded in 1856, City of Burnside saves money and maintains vital infrastructure with Fleet Complete.

The City of Burnside is one of Adelaide’s oldest residential areas and is well known for its tree lined streets, period architecture, plentiful reserves and gardens within an area of 30 square kilometres.


The City of Burnside’s challenge was to find a solution that had the ability for team leaders to locate any type of vehicle at any time. This included utes, sweepers, trucks, ride on mowers and rubbish trucks. Since the City of Burnside have installed this management solution technology they would not only be able to use the data to locate vehicles but the detailed information assists staff in the investigation of complaints. This was previously manually completed and hugely time consuming.

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The City of Burnside now works smarter thanks to Fleet Complete’s Fleet Tracker solution + Driver ID and In Vehicle Duress solutions.



The Fleet Complete solutions enabled the City of Burnside to:

Resolve Complaints

Data enabled the dismissal of a complaint (around speeding City of Burnside vehicles) that did not warrant any further action quickly, whereas in the past a lengthy investigation would have been undertaken as there would have be no way to prove that the complaint was incorrect.

Reduce Manual Handling

The technology and data reduces dramatically the number of hours previously generated to complete investigations and reporting.

Resolve Customer Complaints

Data collected via the Fleet Tracking Solution is now part of the council’s process to collate details and respond to the customer with accurate facts.




Fleet Complete helped the City of Burnside to:

Reduce manual handling

GPS tracking data was analysed to demonstrate that tasks that should have been automated were being completed manually when they didn’t need to be (lifting of wheelie bins, truck versus man). Without the data they would never have had this knowledge, and would not have been able to work with staff to educate on the automation, why it was important, and that it would reduce the potential risk of injury and work safety by using the technology available.

Increase visibility and tracking

Overall improvement of vehicle tracking and recording who is driving/operating which vehicle at any one time. Identifying who was responsible and driving a vehicle when an infringement notice has been received is now seamless!

Enhance best practice

The installation of the In Vehicle Duress solution allows the City of Burnside to know immediately if anything has gone wrong on site especially for workers being on their own, working independently in remote areas. The safety and welfare of workers is of primary focus and Fleet Complete add value and an advantage to monitor staff welfare through this technology.

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  • Government Industry
  • Fleet Tracker, Driver ID & Duress
  • Reduce Manual Handling
  • Resolve Customer Complaints
  • Increase Visibility and Tracking

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