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Higgins Services is proudly an Australian-owned family business offering premium transport services across Australia and handling international freight for key clients. With a growing fleet of 11 trucks and 14 drivers, they sought to enhance compliance, operational efficiency, and streamline logistics with a comprehensive solution.


Jason Sullivan, Compliance and Logistics Support for Higgins Services,
explains the initial hurdles:

“Keeping our drivers compliant, maintaining accreditation, and tracking driver hours in real time were major challenges. The logistics sector requires following strict regulations, scheduling efficiently, and ensuring smooth operations, which meant we needed a reliable tracking and compliance system.”


Higgins Services partnered with Fleet Complete and Geotab for vehicle tracking and monitoring, along with Logmaster for Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs). This integrated system provided comprehensive management tools.

Rollout: Fleet Complete’s tracking technology was installed in all trucks, complemented by Logmaster’s Electronic Work Diary app.

Training: Staff received training from Fleet Complete and Logmaster directly, simplifying the adoption of these technologies.

The integration of Fleet Complete, Geotab, and Logmaster has significantly improved Higgins Services’ operations, from compliance management to logistical efficiency.




Enhanced Compliance:

The integration of Fleet Complete and Logmaster allows Higgins Services to seamlessly track compliance records. The EWD features of Logmaster puts all necessary information about driving and resting hours directly into the palm of the driver’s hand. The transition from paper log books to digital through Logmaster has significantly reduced paperwork and simplified the overall management process. ‘We’ve had fewer fines and better regulatory compliance because of improved tracking and management of driving and resting hours,’ said Sullivan. The digital system ensures records are accurate, up-to-date, and readily available for regulatory checks, eliminating the margin for error that paper logbooks can introduce.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

Fleet Complete’s real-time tracking features are essential to Higgins Services’ daily fleet management. This system enables precise monitoring of fleet status and location, enhancing schedule management and delivery efficiency. If a truck is delayed, Higgins Services can quickly pinpoint its position and address any issues directly through the platform, bypassing the need for phone calls and guesswork. This efficient tracking ensures smooth logistics and prompt resolution of any problems, allowing Higgins Services to consistently meet delivery times and enhance customer service through Fleet Complete’s user-friendly software.

Cost Savings:

The unified system has helped Higgins Services optimise operational costs in multiple ways. The real-time tracking and monitoring features allow for immediate diagnosis of vehicle issues by providing fault codes. This, coupled with on-site mechanics, ensures quick repairs, minimising downtime and preventing more costly breakdowns. Additionally, the EWD system helps manage driver hours accurately, reducing overtime and optimising workloads. These efficiencies not only enhance vehicle maintenance but also reduces administrative overheads by eliminating the need for multiple status checks and phone calls to track fleet locations or paper logbooks.

Customer Satisfaction:

The ability to provide real-time information to clients on freight status has significantly improved communication and service reliability. By tracking vehicles and managing schedules in real time, Higgins Services can offer accurate updates on delivery timings and statuses. This level of transparency helps clients plan their operations effectively, reducing uncertainty. In addition, the seamless tracking and timely communication enable quicker responses to potential delays or issues, further improving customer satisfaction.


The combination of these systems has enhanced our operations tremendously, from diagnostics to managing driver’s hours accurately. Our experience with all teams has been positive, making our operations seamless and effective.

Jason Sullivan

Compliance and Logistics Support, Higgins Services

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  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved Operational Efficiency 
  • Enhanced Compliance 
  • Cost Savings 
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