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West Hire were looking for a viable solution to avoid losing trailers to theft. In the first month after installing Asset Trackers, the company was able to recover a trailer worth $7,500 within 6 hours.


As a sole trader, Rohan Davies-Moore, was losing up to 10% of his fleet each year due to stolen trailers at service station sites throughout Perth. With the cost of insuring his entire fleet being far too expensive for a small business owner, West Hire, along with most trailer hire companies around Australia, had to absorb the cost of stolen trailers.

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He turned to Fleet Complete after a recommendation from another Fleet Complete client, who had successfully implemented Asset Trackers throughout their own fleet. Rohan was further prompted by a contract proposal for a highly profitable site that came with a reputation for stolen products.

“Unfortunately, it is the sites that close at 7-8pm at night that are at a much higher risk, so it is the trailers at these sites that I look to track.”

Fleet Complete’s asset tracking device, AT4, was the answer. Rohan needed a unit that was self-contained and which he could disguise on his trailers.

“The four year battery life and low cost of the product were the key motives for choosing Fleet Complete.”

West Hire installed asset tracking devices to four ‘high risk’ trailers across their fleet.

The Rollout

The simple to install device meant Rohan was able to complete the installation himself with the help of Fleet Complete’s support team.

“The back of house team has been fantastic! While I was learning how to do things, they were incredibly helpful. When they upgraded me to their new web based software, they stepped me through the changes, and now I track my trailers on my smartphone.”


Within the first month of installation, a trailer fitted with a device was stolen and recovered within 24 hours. The perpetrator was subsequently charged by the police. Another 3 months later, a second trailer was stolen.

“Thanks to the AT4 tracking device, we were able to locate and recover the trailer within 6 hours. The trailer already had new number plates and had been resprayed.”

Valued at close to $7,500 per trailer, the asset tracking system continually saves West Hire the replacement costs.

“If it wasn’t for the trackers, I couldn’t have trailers on the site because the risk is too high.”

The trackers are continuously leading to the recovery of stolen trailers,

“The police love the fact that we have the ability to send them straight to the location of the stolen trailers, making their jobs easier and, often, resulting in the retrieval of other stolen goods.”

“Thanks to the AT4 tracking device, we were able to locate and recover the trailer within 6 hours. The trailer already had new number plates and had been resprayed.”

– Rohan Davies-Moore


Rohan is able to monitor the location of his assets daily, gaining a better understanding of how and when his trailers are being used and their real-time location.

“I receive two GPS notifications daily, which I can check from either my Smartphone or computer, and make sure my assets are safe.”

West Hire is looking into increasing the safety of their fleet by adding more asset tracking devices in the future.

“Definitely with the high risk trailers, if the site we are storing our trailers at is renowned to be at high risk for theft, I would 100% install them.”

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We installed asset tracking devices in four high-risk trailers across our fleet, and we’ve since recovered three of these after they have been stolen. Within 6 hours of theft, one of our trailers already had new number plates and had been re-sprayed, so retrieving this trailer without Fleet Complete probably would have been impossible.

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