Your All-In-One Fleet Management Software

Access all your fleet data through a single, easy-to-use fleet telematics platform: Fleet Complete Hub. Transform real-time vehicle data into practical insights to enhance operational efficiency. Drive cost reductions and streamline maintenance with informed, data-driven decisions. Optimise fleet performance and reduce overheads through effective vehicle management. 

One Intuitive, Fleet Management Platform 

Manage your fleet and assets in a single interface. Instantly access the information you need, when you need it. Fleet Complete Hub offers: 

  • Manage your entire fleet from a single platform with AI-powered insights for safety, compliance, and efficiency. 
  • Use a customisable dashboard from your desktop or mobile to stay connected and in control, no matter where you are. 
  • Streamline driver coaching and vehicle maintenance with simple automation, enhancing fleet performance and operational efficiency.

An Intuitive, Powerful, and Feature-Rich Platform 

Run more productive fleet operations and reduce costs. 

1. Real-Time GPS Tracking: Stay informed on vehicle location, speed, status, temperature, and more. 
2. Complete Asset Visibility: Maximise your visibility to data gathered from connected vehicles, asset trackers and IoT sensors. 
3. Reporting and Analytics: Gain detailed insights across your entire fleet with dashboards, real-time reports, and advanced fleet performance data. 

Make data-driven decisions for safer driving and vehicles. 

1. Monitor Driver Behaviour: With routine fleet performance reports and driver scorecards, you can identify areas of improvement for your drivers and effectively manage unsafe behaviour.
2. Real-Time Driver Mentoring: Audibly alert drivers to dangerous behaviours like speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.
3. Fleet Health and Safety: Leverage real-time fleet insights to reduce wear-and-tear and improve fuel efficiency. 


Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards. 

1. Streamlined Inspections: Quickly and accurately conduct vehicle inspections from the palm of your hand, ensuring your fleet is ready for daily road use.
2. FBT Efficiency: Automate and simplify vehicle logbooks to enhance Fringe Benefits Tax returns and ensure ATO compliance.
3. Optimal Vehicle Performance: Keep your fleet in prime condition with preventive maintenance alerts and vehicle diagnostics. 


Unlock route optimisation, improve utilisation rates and optimise fuel efficiency. 

1. Maintenance Scheduling: Track routine maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of breakdowns, and prolonging the lifespan of vehicles. 
2. Utilisation Rates: Gather real-time insights on how assets and vehicles are used, to help keep fuel and maintenance costs in control.
3. Fuel Efficiency: Optimise your routes, control fuel usage, and meet your sustainability goals. 


Tour the Fleet Complete Platform

See Fleet Complete Hub in action with Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete. Experience the speed of real-time reports and see customisable features for your tailored fleet telematics management solution. 

 Start streamlining your fleet operations today. 

Powering Industries that Power Our Economy

Community Services

Managing a fleet can be complex, especially for care services. Fleet Complete Hub automates processes, turning vehicle data into actionable insights. This improves efficiency, ensures staff safety, and lets you focus on your clients. 


In the competitive construction market, meeting client expectations, managing tight margins, and adhering to strict timelines are crucial. Fleet Complete Hub enhances planning, budgeting, and efficiency, helping you meet deadlines and grow your project pipeline.  

Not for Profit

Operating vehicles in the not-for-profit sector means facing competition and ensuring safety. Accurate and automatic journey logging is crucial for managing cash flow With NDIS regulations. Fleet Complete Hub offers high visibility, optimising travel and vehicle health to reduce costs without compromising service or safety. 

Trades and Services

For businesses in trades like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services, managing multiple vehicles is challenging. Fleet Complete Hub offers visibility into daily operations, ensuring timely billing, accurate wages, vehicle maintenance, and cost control, helping your business grow. 

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