Protect your equipment, machinery and tools with our cost-effective, compact, long-lasting GPS Asset Trackers.

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One of the smallest and most cost-effective equipment trackers on the market, Asset Tracker AT1 provides you an unparalleled competitive insight over your high-value assets in the field. Locate and check the status of machinery, equipment, tools and toolboxes, and more, all from your smartphone or computer.

  • 24/7 real-time tracking of equipment
  • Motion detection helps you detect any unwarranted movement, after-hours use, or theft
  • Compact and versatile 
  • Battery life of up to 3 years, with no external power supply required 
  • Quick & discreet installation through small, asset-ready, slimline design
  • Water and dust resistant, robust to meet a range of harsh conditions
  • Using glue, double-sided tape or screws, the device is quick to install on any type of outdoor asset.

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Curious about the costs?


Cost Effective

The AT1 runs on the LTE-M network and is a future-proof device, with over-the-air software updates you can set and forget. 


Long Battery Life

With up to 3 years of battery life, you can be sure that you have one of the smartest solutions for equipment control on the market.


Location Updates

Get daily reports on asset location to ensure that your equipment is exactly where it is supposed to be.

AT1 on a generator

Compact and Versatile

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand the AT1 can be installed quickly and easily on your equipment such as trailers, containers, generators, pallets, construction equipment and much more!



Get alerted to any unauthorised activity which will help minimise extraneous costs. The AT1 gives you the visibility you require without the need to be on-site 24/7, all from one screen. 


AT1 placed on a forklift with driver in high vis

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MGS800 Hardware

Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking

The MGS800 device is a 4G LTE GPS tracking device. An advanced GPS fleet tracking solution that provides visibility and insight over assets and workforce in near real-time. This device can report on and monitor fleet performance including location, harsh braking, acceleration and impact events.

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AT6 Hardware

Feature-Rich GPS Asset Tracker

The AT6 is a rugged GPS device that provides real-time status and movement updates, the accelerometer and GPS data are used to intelligently work out if it is moving and to send frequent updates, and to scale the update rate down to once per day if the asset is stationary – to preserve battery life.

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AT5 Hardware

Remote Satellite Asset Tracker

A remote asset tracker available on the satellite network, when Telstra network coverage is unavailable. The AT5 offers reliable position reporting and an integrated GPS, all housed within a tough enclosure small enough to fit in your hand.

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