Journey Management Centre

Journey management planning is an indispensable tool for the safety of workers who drive for extended periods of time and often in remote locations. Ensure your drivers arrive safely and on time, every time with Fleet Complete’s Journey Management Centre.

Key Features

  • Live Map

  • Real-Time Alerts

  • Easy Installation

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Reports

  • Driver ID

  • Geofencing

  • Sensory Status

  • Driving Behaviour

  • Fleet Route Replay

  • Garmin Integration

Safe environment for your lone workers

Many lone workers often operate in remote locations that are far away from the nearest town or populated centre and may not be able to pin point their precise location. Although not all instances of late arrival represent an emergency, ensuring your personnel is accounted for at any given moment is crucial to workplace safety. When an emergency situation arises, your team is able to locate all employees in the shortest amount of time and without delay.

Laptop running journey management software showing a vehicle's breadcrumb trail on a tablet with live map.
Laptop showing vehicle tracking and journey management screen.

Visibility from start to finish

The Journey Management Centre is your professional partner to plan, record and manage journey essentials in near real-time. Many organisations do not allocate resources to look after their fleet coordinates and progress. The Journey Management operators continuously monitor the safe passage and arrival of your mobile workforce by tracking their progress against their logged itinerary.

Driver fatigue prevention

Driver fatigue is one of the most hazardous factors affecting road safety. The Journey Management team helps your drivers comply with fatigue management requirements, including the mandatory breaks every 2 hours.

Driver Fatigue Prevention: Working hours tracking, driving behaviour, in-cab driver coaching.
Duress button that a vehicle driver can use to alert that they are in need of help.

Emergency duress monitoring

In the event of an emergency, your drivers are able to alert Journey Management team via Fleet Complete’s duress option, which will allow the team to take the necessary actions in a timely fashion. They will conduct a preliminary investigation of the alert before notifying the emergency contact provided to ensure the appropriate personnel can be sent to assist the driver.

OH&S requirements

Having years of experience in the industry, the Journey Management team offers valuable insight on the most current safety standards when operating remote fleets. You can be sure the solution will always be customised to the specific requirements of your organisation. 

OHS requirements pertaining to safety standards a company is able to automate by using journey management software.
Laptop showing dashboard reporting.


Receive detailed reports on all your fleet drivers and their trips, establishing a cadence that suits your management needs – daily, weekly or monthly. Optimise your information flow even further by setting up an automated e-mail distribution list for selected reports to be sent at predefined periods.