Finding Your Way: A Guide to Saving with Telematics

Running a fleet can be expensive. Are you tired of high fuel expenses?

Fuel has a big impact on the annual running costs of a fleet. With the right tools, such costs can be dramatically reduced.

Fleet Complete has a solution for you, see how you can save money using telematics.

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Blog: 5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

There are several ways to reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet, and therefore also the costs. Read our five tips on how to improve your fuel management and savings with fleet management software and driver coaching, and potentially save up to 20% on fuel costs.

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Blog: 3 Ways to Reduce Idling in Your Fleet

From wear and tear to wasted fuel, idling is costing your fleet more than you realise. See how much idling can cost your business, as well as how to reduce it using training and technology, including fleet management software.

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Blog: How to Use Data to Make Your Fleet Greener

Data can play a critical part in ensuring your fleet is operating as green and lean as possible our fleet management solutions are your first step in overseeing an environmentally conscious fleet.


Fleet Complete allows you to monitor all your assets on the same tracking map. Manage work schedules and time cards, report on asset profitability, capture engine health and vehicle status, track and address driving behaviour, review and plan routes, manage points of interest, dispatch tasks, and more – all from a single platform.













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Carpass remain competitive in the market thanks to Fleet Complete’s Fleet Tracker

“We’ve actually had two cars stolen and recovered. If you look at losing two cars, that’s anywhere a roughly $60,000 hit to our business, a hit to our insurance – and that’s quite significant in a small business environment. Our premiums would have gone up double or three times next year. So that alone has saved us a truckload.”

Marcus Liew, Managing Director, CarPass Australia

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Start Saving With Telematics

Fuel consumption is a major expense in fleet management, and time spent idling is costing you money. By connecting to the Fleet Complete platform, you have complete visibility into trends on fuel usage as well as access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance.

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